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Cultivating Healthy Habits That Last

Online Health & Fitness Coaching with Ann Rochelle

Meet Ann

Certified Health Coach & Personal Trainer

As a Certified Health Coach and Nutrition Expert, I understand the frustrations that come along with not feeling good in your own skin and the desire to feel and look your best.That’s why my mission is simple: and that is to give you curated information specific to your health goals.

The truth is, we are all very different and we respond best to different approaches. With a plan and systematic exploration, we can work to find a balanced and sustainable plan that will maximize your health and well-being.

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What I Specialize In

Reset Your Digestion System

Establish Healthy & Balanced Eating Habits

Health & Life Coaching

Personalized Nutrition & Exercise Plan

The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

I am someone who needs accountability! When I began training with Ann, I knew she would be the perfect trainer to help me reach my health and fitness goals. Her knowledge of health, fitness and wellness along with her ability to motive and hold me accountable helped me achieve my goals of weight loss, muscle building, and maintaining healthy, clean eating habits. Ann is professional, provides amazing customer services and will create an individual plan that will work for your own unique and personal needs.

She is by far the best!

- Natasha Lau-Johnson

Where do I begin!

10 years ago, I lost my sports scholarship and the opportunity swim at South Dakota State due to a shoulder injury. Not being able to swim anymore, I felt all hope was gone and I completely let myself go and gained 40lbs. A co-worker invited me to attend a bootcamp instructed by Ann and from that day, we connected. I didn't miss a single class!!! She personally became my trainer and coach, coaching me all the wya to the NPC stage as a bikini competitor. She taught me everthing I know about weight training and being healthy. She also taught me never to give up and to keep striving to be the best me no matter what and I'm forever grateful to have met her.

- Chelsea Trotter

“I can't say enough good things about Ann.  She is absolutely amazing! Not only does she carefully coordinate a workout plan tailored to my goals and needs, but she spends time making sure I understand why I'm doing the exercises and the importance of nutrition. Her follow-through is beyond measure.  She sends encouraging messages in addition to having "mandatory" weekly check-ins.  Even though some training days are harder than others, she has a way of motivating me and making me want to work harder.  The best part is, for all of my limitations and reasons to "can't" Ann has a wealth of options and optimism so that I can.  Whether I am consistent or fall of the wagon, she's ready to help.  Ann is more than a personal trainer.  She is a friend and truly cares for the whole person inside and out..”

- Ishia Brooks

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